Viruses & Worms

Back in the bad old days the infosec pro would be facing adversaries who would attempt to disrupt and destroy our systems and our data buy writing malicious code in the shape of viruses and worms.  There’s a distinct difference between the two that’s worth understanding if only because one of them needs the complicit assistance of our other arch-enemy, the user.  It might be fair to say that double-clicking an attachment in an email needs to be classified as the eighth deadly sin.  It’s been popular to assume that viruses are dead, and that the majority of damage to data occurs from deliberate hacks. So antivirus software likewise is seen to be in demise.  But spare a moments thought for the re-invention of the virus. Some folks have seen viruses capable of cryptographically denying access to all the files on a disk and demanding a fee to unlock said files.  This ‘ransomware’ may be enough to make you think twice about canning your antivirus subscription, or redoubling your infosec awareness campaign.  Viruses, like their biological counterpart, need human interaction to spread.  So whatever you do, don’t click that attach… K)*Y&^G++.

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