csfblueThe Charities Security Forum is the premier membership group for information security people working for charities and not-for-profits, addressing the information security challenges faced by the third sector.

Founded by Brian Shorten and Martyn Croft in 2007, the forum represents nearly 400 charities across the UK and the membership of the CSF includes many charities and non-profit organisations, both large and small.

The objectives of the Charities Security Forum are quite simply to promote Information Security in the charity sector, facilitate discussion and presentations on subjects of particular relevance to information security in the charity sector, and to encourage the open and free debate of cybersecurity matters between forum members, colleagues, and peers.

So whether you are an experienced practitioner or a newcomer, whether your charity covers the whole country or focuses on a local issue, you should join the Charities Security Forum.  Head over to the Contact Us page to get in touch and request your free membership and get a free subscription to our newsletter, plus invitations to our webinars which are also available on the CSF YouTube channel.

Coming soon in the New Year….

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