Social Media

It seems that the modern world now revolves around the use of social media.  You know the sort of thing we’re talking about – Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, Pinterest…  the list goes on. And it’s likely that your charity will be making it’s presence felt on these platforms to rally supporters to the cause.  But as an infosec professional it’s worth stopping to think about the information security aspects of these services.  For an individual, it’s probably not a good idea to live your life online through these platforms but many do and mainly get by, despite often intentionally, or unintentionally, revealing their personal and innermost thoughts.  For charities though it’s likely that a more measured response needs to be taken when using these platforms to promote their work.  Whether you think these service are intrusive probably depends on your approach to social media.  For some folks it’s all about the reputation.  And for charities that’s something worth protecting.

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