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For information security professionals, especially those working in charities, it can be difficult to justify the cost of a ticket to attend the many conferences and events that crowd the calendar at this time of year.  As an investment though, a day spent at a conference can be the quickest, most cost-effective way, to bring yourself up-to-date with what has become a fast moving subject and the depth of knowledge that expert speakers can impart to their audience becomes priceless.  For the majority of delegates a good line-up of top-flight speakers will help to ensure that there is something to learn and some insights to be gained, but it’s important to ensure that as the target audience, or demographic in today’s media driven world, you are getting focused, relevant, and topical content. It’s great to feel wanted but verifying the scams, spams, and sales pitches from the silver-plated invitations can be difficult.  That’s why we have the CSF Annual Conference on the 13th May.  It’s designed especially for you so come and join us, minimise the cost, and learn lots.  See you there!


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