“There are no computers, only networks.”  We might not be too far off that reality.  And that reality puts a lot of responsibility on whoever runs your network.  It’s likely that one way or another your network is your weakest link, and that as an information security officer you’ll know that your ‘data in transit’ is the most vulnerable state of your most precious asset.

Wrongly configured and ill-protected networks are the stuff of infosec nightmares, and routers with default passwords are the genesis of such dreams.  Check now with your network guy/gal (or with yourself if you have the responsibility in your charity) that there isn’t a router with a default password remaining in your network.  If you have to, try logging in to each and every router with the default username and password. (Google will be your friend here) If you can log in then it’s time to take action.  Your choice. Just sayin’

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