Content Filtering

Do you filter the content that comes flooding down your internet pipe and straight to the desktops of your users, or maybe to the devices of your beneficiaries?  If not then you might want to consider ensuring that at least your bit of the internet is ‘safe to surf’.  Perhaps your charity has a particular stance on, say, gambling, so it would be rather ironic if your users were spending their lunch hour in a virtual casino.  Of course the other side of this coin, so to speak, is the company-imposed censorship and the lock-down of liberty experienced by hardworking staff.  After all the internet is just a bit of fun right?  Wrong.  The internet, and all that it contains, good and bad, is the very fabric of business these days.  Go down the wrong road and your staff may find themselves in a part of town that’s not very friendly.  Maybe it’s better to guide and signpost, and yes, to bar access to certain parts of the cyberworld in which we operate.

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