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Conference Season

There’s a definite conference season when it comes to information security and for those tasked with organising events it can be a proverbial nightmare to find a date, a venue, and a compelling programme that will suit the majority of delegates.  And along with the programme of infosec events comes the inevitable deluge of emails advertising, encouraging, and promoting each event.  It’s great to feel wanted but how do you verify the genuine from the ingenuous?  The scams and spams from the silver-plated invitations to the must-attend events? Sometimes it’s easy to differentiate and a good line-up of top-flight speakers will help ensure that there is something to learn and […]

Posted On: 27 Apr 2017

CSF Christmas Dinner 2016

Behind the scenes at the CSF Christmas Dinner 2016

Posted On: 10 Dec 2016

12 take-aways from the Charities Security Forum: Part One

Threats, awareness & data protection strategies : by Beverley Stonehouse The charity sector has been under fire recently for poor data handling and privacy processes following the death of an elderly charity donor. The delegates at the 3rd Annual Charities Security Forum last week left with a clear mandate to safeguard client and donor personal information despite the inevitable overheads to their organsiations. Part one of the CSF agenda considered threats, awareness & data protection strategies. Stories start with a victim Geoff White, technology producer at Channel 4 News opened with a lively keynote that reflected on last year’s Talk Talk data breach. At the time of the incident headlines focused on […]

Posted On: 22 May 2016

Our Conference

For information security professionals, especially those working in charities, it can be difficult to justify the cost of a ticket to attend the many conferences and events that crowd the calendar at this time of year.  As an investment though, a day spent at a conference can be the quickest, most cost-effective way, to bring yourself up-to-date with what has become a fast moving subject and the depth of knowledge that expert speakers can impart to their audience becomes priceless.  For the majority of delegates a good line-up of top-flight speakers will help to ensure that there is something to learn and some insights to be gained, but it’s important […]

Posted On: 20 Apr 2016

Identity Theft

They say that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.  Well, I’d say that identity theft is taking that a step too far.  The urge to masquerade as someone else may have deep roots in the human psyche but as usual the ‘bad guys’ have put a more sinister spin on things and are only too ready to exploit an alter-ego given half a chance.  Bogus passports, fraudulent bank loans, even online relationships, are all the province of those hiding behind the ‘front’ that the anonymity of the internet can purvey. For charities dealing with the most human of interactions, taking their operations online is a challenge in establishing not […]

Posted On: 17 Jan 2016


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