About Us…

The Charities Security Forum (CSF) was formed in 2007 to represent information security people working for charities and not-for-profits, addressing the security problems affecting the third sector.

Basic membership is free – there are no joining fees or membership dues – and members are encouraged to discuss and share any of the issues and challenges with supportive and knowledgeable colleagues. There is a discussion group on LinkedIn offering an effective invitation-only group exclusively for CSF members.

From the groups inception, membership has grown to represent over 400 charities across the UK, and other countries.  The membership of the CSF includes many of the household name charities you might expect – plus some surprises from organisations you wouldn’t normally associate with charitable status!

The objectives of the Charities Security Forum are –

  • To promote Information Security in the charity sector
  • To facilitate discussion and presentation on subjects of particular relevance to information security in the charity sector.
  • To encourage the open and free debate of security matters between forum members, colleagues, and peers.
  • To provide a voice for charity security professionals, both inwards facing to peers within the same sector, and outwards facing to related professions and or related sectors.
  • To create an awareness of the Forum’s existence in associated media and provide a route to speaking engagements for our membership
  • To represent information security professionals in the Charity sector.
  • To publish subject and sector specific whitepapers.
  • To create beneficial supply opportunities for Forum members.
  • To organise and present social events.

Whether you are an experienced infosec professional or a newcomer to the field, whether your charity covers the whole country or supports a local issue, you should join the Charities Security Forum.