With the amount of stuff published in the public domain one could be forgiven for thinking that society had given up the notion of ‘private’.  Share and share alike seems to be the norm, to the extent that it has become tricky to determine just what is to be kept private.  And that which is to be kept private of course seems to have become the target for hackers in a never ending quest which one might suppose is to make all data public domain.  I suppose it’s a point of view.

In the interim before we reach this dystopia it may be worth giving a thought to what information assets your charity would like to keep private.  And before anyone says “charities don’t have any private data” you might want to gather your chief execs, your trustees, your staff, and your supporters around the table and apply the ‘what if we left this on a train’ test to a few select items of information.  Full rules of the game are available from a colleague in the CSF.  But don’t tell anyone.

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