It takes about six days for folks to realise the enormity of the problem.  So imagine a disaster, say, like the tsunami in 2004, or perhaps Hurricane Katrina.  For many charities engaged in humanitarian work the need to mobilise, and mobilise quickly, in the face of such enormous natural disasters requires funds.  And the human need to support such work results in the generous and unconditional gifting of those funds.  So back to the six days.  That tends to be the time period after which folks want to respond usually with monetary help.  Your charity probably knows this and will gear up to expect this, but the bad guys know it too and you should also be prepared to expect a higher than usual proportion of phishing and scam emails being pumped through the internet.  Even perhaps spoof websites mimicking the online donations page of a real charity.  You may not see these undercover attempts to milk human kindness but you should be aware of the problem and consider how you might monitor the unscrupulous use of the good name of your organisation.

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