Identity Theft

They say that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.  Well, I’d say that identity theft is taking that a step too far.  The urge to masquerade as someone else may have deep roots in the human psyche but as usual the ‘bad guys’ have put a more sinister spin on things and are only too ready to exploit an alter-ego given half a chance.  Bogus passports, fraudulent bank loans, even online relationships, are all the province of those hiding behind the ‘front’ that the anonymity of the internet can purvey.

For charities dealing with the most human of interactions, taking their operations online is a challenge in establishing not only a verifiable identity but also establishing the trust that must ensue to ensure they can be trusted with that most precious collection of information which makes up that thing we call our identity.

Identifying the precious attributes that define your benefactors will help you to identify which information assets your information security controls should be protecting.  Keep ’em safe.

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