There’s a definite conference season when it comes to infosec and for those tasked with organising events it can be a proverbial nightmare to find a date, a venue, and a compelling programme that will suit the majority of delegates.  And along with the seasons programme of infosec events comes the inevitable deluge of emails advertising, encouraging, and promoting each event.  It’s great to feel wanted but how do you verify the genuine from the ingenuous?  The scams and spams from the silver-plated invitations to the must-attend events?  Sometimes it’s easy to differentiate and a good line-up of top-flight speakers will help ensure that there is something to learn and some insights to be gained.  For infosec pros working in charities it’s sometimes difficult to justify the cost of a ticket to conferences and events but the cost needs to be balanced against the speed and depth of knowledge that expert speakers can impart to their audience.  Choose wisely, minimise the cost, and learn lots.

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