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Safe Online?

It’s nine years since Get Safe Online launched – and we were all proud to be there, and to support their work over the intervening years.  It’s a central theme and vitally important for all organisations to demonstrate that they’re safe to interact with online, and of course that includes charities.  At the end of October it’s Get Safe Online week, so now is the time to plan your awareness campaign and make your contribution to ensuring that everyone is safer online.  After all, internet donations are the lifeblood of many charities and our donors need the confidence that supporting us online is safe and secure.  Lots of ideas at

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It seems like there’s hardly a week goes by without a report of some hack being perpetrated.  Whether it’s passwords or pictures, credit cards or customer records the conclusion is invariably the same.  Is it the defences that were weak or the attackers that have better tools and skills? At a recent meeting of the infosec great and good it was suggested that hacker tools are rudimentary and that most hacks can be carried out with a basic knowledge – and of course some fundamental vulnerabilities to exploit.  Perhaps it’s time to review your defences and prevent your precious pics from being snaffled.

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